Jurnets Bar

Wensum Lodge, King Street

Enter through large gate on King Street near The Waterfront (photo1), Jurnet's ancient, crypt-like bar is accessed through a modern extension off the courtyard to the left of the gate (follow the arrow in photo2). The bar is through a door to the right off the hallway.

Every Friday Music House. Contact: the_music_house@hotmail.co.uk
First Wednesday of the month Tales from the Undercroft Starting with October 1st Tales from The Undercroft will rise like a Phoenix from a short period of demise and spread its wings to cast the shadow of tale and fable over all who would be entertained or indeed wish to entertain. As before it will be no holds barred, no tongues barred, no subject barred (within reason) and no Bard barred who wishes to tell a tale, or two, or more!